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Atmosphere Collection
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Shipping: Currently The Nest is available for Free local pickup in Pitt Meadows, BC or can be delivered for a $15 flat rate anywhere in the BC Lower Mainland.
However, due to the overwhelmingly positive response that we have received from every corner of the globe, we are currently working on finalizing shipping options from coast to coast & beyond. We will release shipping rates when are confident that we have found the absolute BEST method and rates for you, our customers. So here’s the deal – if you would like The Nest, no matter your location, please go ahead and order today! For any orders placed outside the BC Lower Mainland, we will be in touch with a shipping rate as soon as shipping costs are finalized. If you are happy with your shipping rate we will have your Nest sent! And if not, we will gladly refund your money and release your Nest to the next lucky buyer. And yes- you will definitely have these in time for Christmas!!

The Bolsters

These two fabulous semi-circles are the are the
building blocks of anything your child can possibly imagine. We’ve seen them used to hold up rocket
ships, be the wheel of a bus, or used on their side as
a dainty tea-party seat. And of course, they have an awesome “rockability” score – our littles love them
round-side down, while they rock, teeter, and delight
in these ever versatile bolsters.

The Base

Foldable & stackable, this base will provide support
for any structure growing imaginations can dream up. From being folded into a tent, providing strong stability for fort walls, laid flat into a couch base, or folded into a table, this base has got you covered.

The Topper

Like The Base, this topper can be folded & stacked
– yet also can be curved & crooked to create fabulous structures. Slim enough to be flexible, and strong
enough to hold mountain peak shapes, this topper
has just the right amount of softness & springiness.