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Our Story

Hello and welcome! My name is Darcey and I am from Pitt Meadows, BC Canada. I am a wife, mom of 4, and an interior designer with a passion for supporting local artisans and sustainable home decor.  I believe that our homes and the things we surround ourselves with should be not only beautiful – but also have meaning, a personal story – a reason for being there. The things in our home should reflect who we are and bring us joy, everyday.  I spent the last 3 years carefully designing a line of locally crafted luxury home decor products, producing these products in partnership with talented local artisans. All of our products are exclusives created by Stylized Nest, and we are so excited to share them with you.

I also own Stylized Nest Interiors, an interior design company which focuses on sourcing exclusively from locally owned business, local artisans, and locally sourced second hand/vintage, to create homes that are special, and support the community the home is in. 

The Stylized Nest Story 

Sometimes the bad things that happen to us put us directly on the path to the truly great things in our lives. That was certainly the case for Stylized Nest.  On Thanksgiving day 2018, a house fire broke out at my home while our family was enjoying dinner with friends. Although the fire itself was small, the smoke damage was huge, and suddenly our family of 6 found ourselves needing a place to live while our home was being restored. We rented a home on Airbnb, and unbeknownst to me at the time, that home would become my first paid interior residential project!

Over the next 8 months, I took the lead on re-designing my own home during the restoration process. A lifelong passion for interior design became a calling during this time, and in an effort to make my personal tragedy become a triumph for my community, I choose to source everything for the remodel of the home, as well as the replacement of the families clothing and personal belongings, from locally owned businesses. Shortly after my own home was completed, I posted a photo of it on social media, and the owner of the Airbnb, Jennifer, contacted me inquiring about interior design. Jennifer had contacted other designers for quotes, and serendipitously contacted me just as I was contemplating starting my own interior design company.  We began working together on the interior design of Jennifer’s home, following the philosophy of sourcing everything from locally owned sources.

Jennifer had spent the past 15 years as a business and marketing professional. The first product in the Stylized Nest product line, the Signature Sectional, was a couch I designed for Jennifer’s home. As we began working together on Jennifer’s home, we  found many talented artisans who we wanted to partner with to lend a designer’s eye and a marketing guru’s knowledge. Together we founded Stylized Nest Market Inc, and although Jennifer has returned to running her own company, I am so grateful for all the support she gave in founding this company with me!

It was through the desire to elevate local artisans, Stylized Nest was born. It has evolved into an online store with beautiful and luxurious, locally handcrafted home decor for all ages, along with a full service residential family home interior design company. Stylized Nest Interiors has a full team of trades ready to take design vision into locally sourced completion.